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M Ciro Caravano: Born in Salerno, he lives in Rome and alternates the activities of arranger, singer, pianist, choirmaster of the University of Salerno, music programmer and teacher in various workshops in Italy and other countries of Europe and Latin America. He was admitted at the age of 10 as a piano student at the Salerno Conservatory. At the age of 14 he began his composition studies at the same conservatory. From 1981 onwards he has played and participated in national and international concerts and piano competitions, winning several prizes. He continued to study music until 1992, when he began his career as a music programmer and arranger alongside the author and producer Claudio Mattone, with whom he still collaborates. He has supervised the creation and arrangement of record productions destined for Italy and abroad, and has collaborated with arrangers and conductors such as Maestro Gianni Ferrio, Maestro Gianfranco Lombardi and Maestro Peppe Vessicchio with the which continues to cooperate. He has made soundtracks for films by De Laurentis, Disney (The Hunchback of NotreDame, The House of Ghosts with Eddy Murphy and The Jungle Book). In 1990 he began the activities of the group "Neri per Caso" taking care, together with his brother Diego, of productions, arrangements and direction. In 1995 he won, with Neri per chance, the Sanremo festival in the new proposals category and the Telegatto as the revelation of the year. The CD 'The Girls', arranged and produced by Ciro and Diego Caravano, sells 700,000 copies and is nominated for album of the year by the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (C.A.S.A.). In 2001, he also won his first gold record as a producer with the Basix vocal album 'The Grass' for the Danish label RECART (EMI). Altogether from 1995 to 2008 he made 7 albums for the Italian market and 3 for the international market with Neri per Caso, selling 1,200,000 copies and took part in numerous concerts and television shows. The latest album by Neri Per Caso, 'Angoliiffer' - BMG Ricordi - from February 2008, is gold record in Italy, best 2008 RARB album and winner of the 2008 Album of the Year Award as best European record from Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CASA).








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